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What is Online Blueprint Printing

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What is Online Blueprint Printing

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What is Online Blueprint Printing?

Online blueprint printing is a way to get blueprints printed in large quantity  and shipped back to you.  Simply upload files online and your blueprints are printed.  This convenient upload process allows you to upload files anytime (24/7) from anywhere.  This process also eliminates a person having to physically go to a printing shop or reprography shop hand in their designs on DVD or Flash drive for printing.

With online blueprint printing service a person can simply go online, upload their files (mostly PDF) pay for them by credit card and then wait for the printed blueprints to be delivered to their office or house.

Online blueprint printing in many instances is also much cheaper than using conventional print shops, copy shops or reprography shops as they print blueprints in large quantity hence purchasing products in bulk then transferring the savings of material costs back to their clients.   It is almost safe to say that for every four sets of drawings ordered the fifth set is FREE!

Most blueprint files are too large to be emailed so the challenge lies in how do I transfer my files from my computer to the print shop or reprography shop’s computer for printing?  The only way this problem can be solved it to have a straight FTP upload folder or a modern website with a form and a file upload button that’s linked to a back end FTP.

Online blueprint printers clients that use a form system also eliminate the process of missing fine details that clients forget when ordering blueprints.  When the fine details are missed the finishing department or blueprint machine operator has to guess, do I have to staple these drawings, do I have to bind them, what color binding tape am I putting on them.  Am I printing color pages from the provided PDF file in color or to save cost, my client want’s me to print color pages with black and white ink.

Since online blueprint printers ship bulk their shipping cost are minimal this also open’s a new window of opportunity for their client to distribute blueprints to different offices or affiliates in different towns provinces or across the country.

Most online print shops are much larger than the average husband wife print shop or the less than 5 staff business.  This not only give the client cheaper product cost but also a better product and faster turn around time due to the large clientele.  Some even promise same day shipment or next business day shipment.

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