Mesh Banners | Custom Printed Vinyl Mesh Banners!"/>

Mesh Banners | Custom Printed Vinyl Mesh Banners!

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Mesh Banners | Custom Printed Vinyl Mesh Banners!

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Mesh Banners | Custom Printed Vinyl Mesh Banners!

Custom Printed Mesh Banners are used for outdoor advertising or to make a construction site more presentable.  Mesh banners are also used for events such as marathons, concerts, festivals, celebrations etc. to convey the sponsors logo, product or service promotion.

Traditional Banners were made of heavy solid vinyl which prevented air or sound from transferring threw the banner.  Over time the banners would stretch in heavy wind conditions causing them to rip from their grommets or even rip the zip ties or tie wires from the fence, walls etc. Some Banner printers would cut slits or half moons to allow wind to pass threw, this slits or half moon would sometimes  cut of an important message or picture on the banner.

With the modern day Mesh banner substrate wind will pass threw allowing the banner to stay in place.  These Mesh banners are strong but light weight allowing us to print to very large lengths (up to 1000 ft).

These mesh banners are custom printed at 600 DPI with UV ink to provide vivid colors that will not fade easily in sun light or colors chipping away from sand and dust flying in the wind. Mesh banners also hold color very well.  You can digital print any picture or flood fill it with solid colors and write any message you would like.  We recommend that you pick full color printing (100 % coverage) so there is no yellowing of unprinted mesh.

Mesh Banners come in 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft , 8ft, 10ft and 12ft wide by what ever size you would like up to 1000 ft.

Online blueprint printing will also finish the banners by double folding the edges, hemming them and putting grommets  every 24 inches.

Mesh Banners



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