What caused the Grenfell Tower Inferno?

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What caused the Grenfell Tower Inferno?

What caused the Grenfell Tower Inferno?

June -14-2017  Just after midnigt a fire broke out in Grenfell Tower causing an Inferno.  While the fire rapidly spread through the building complex, residents were so desperate to save there lives that some jumped out of their windows and balcony while others on higher floors screamed for help.  It was London’s deadliest fires in decades after the second world war.

The full extent of failings behind the Grenfell Tower Inferno were reported today ( June-23-2017).  The cause of the flame was a faulty fridge/freezer. Once the flame spread threw the insulation and cladding (tiles) used on the building combusted causing fire to spread.  Within minutes the Grenfell Tower was an Inferno.

London Police announced today that insulation and cladding used on the 24 storey building failed all post-fire safety tests.

Insulation samples were taken from Grenfell tower after the fire and tests were conducted.

Preliminary test show the insulation samples collected from the Grenfell tower com-busted soon after the test started by and private firm.

Scotland Yard today issued a dramatic alert over meterials used on the tower today after caught light easily during new independent tests.

Atleast 79 people have been confirmed dead after the Grenfell Tower Inferno, many others in serious condition and  severely burnt.













Jun-14-2017-London-Building Fire




























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