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Why Choose E-Panel Signs?

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Why Choose E-Panel Signs?

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Why Choose E-Panel Signs?

E-Panel is strong, light weight, and extremely resistant to corrosion. That is why people mostly prefer E-Panel signs for outdoor advertising and makes them a great choice for parking lot signs, construction signs, or development Signs.

You can also print designs in full color or spot color directly on the material eliminating tedious drying time of digitally printed vinyl which is later mounted on a substrate.

E-Panel Signs are generally used in real estate business, parking lots, construction sites and for other unique purposes. These powerful aluminum metal sheet signs are rust proof, rot free, weatherproof, and chemically resistant. That is why E-Panel signs are more preferable in the industry.

E-Panel can be printed on both sides, despite it’s rugged construction. Our signs have a smooth, glossy finish and a very clean look with great impression. You can make them custom as well as, according to your choice and requirements. This could be cost effective for you as we laser trim these signs on our machines.

E-Panel signs are also a lot affordable than traditional aluminum signs which are also available in the market.

Custom E-Panel Sign.

A custom E-Panel sign comes in single sided and double sided sheets. They are rigid metal substrate which is very much lightweight with a baked enamel finish made to withstand the elements for long term outdoor and indoor use. These custom aluminum signs are also available in many standard sizes, and colors. Custom Aluminum signs can be easily bent and formed into many shapes, drilled, glued, and routed. Custom signs can be used with many different frame systems and will not rust. These are generally used for commercial, industrial, informational & directional signage.

Why E-Panel sign is first choice?

  • It’s one of the strongest materials in the sign industry, which can be directly printed on.
  • It’s remarkably affordable
  • It gives a very professional finish
  • It’s very versatile
  • It’s super easy to customize

Whenever you will decide to design a sign, just consider a E-Panel sign as your signage. Not only because of the quality that you would be expecting but its strong metal alloy and lightweight properties also make it as your first choice. There are lots of different sign materials also available in the market but if you really want to see your sign after so many years at the same place this is really very much worthy.







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