Development Permit Notification Signs Edmonton

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Development Permit Notification Signs Edmonton

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Development Permit Notification Signs Edmonton

As of April 1, 2016 Development Permit Notification Signs will be mandatory in Edmonton.

Edmonton residents in established areas will now have a better idea of what to expect from infill projects in their neighborhoods, thanks to the new rules by city of Edmonton.  As of April-1-2016 development notification signs, like the one shown below will be mandatory on all residential infill constructions in mature and established neighborhoods.  All projects approved after April 1-2016 will be required to have these signs.

Online Blueprint printing Development Permit Notification Signs Edmonton

The easy to understand sign will help residents and passerby’s stay informed as to what’s being built on the site.  The signs will also encourage a better dialogue between neighbors affected by an infill development and the builder or contractor working on the project.

The mandatory signs must be posted near the sidewalk of the development within 14 days after they have been issued and must stay clean and posted until final occupancy is granted by the city.

The Signs will include:

-Contact information of the builder, contractor, development permit holder and or landowner.

– The site address will be posted on the sign.

– City file number

– A picture of what the infill will look like after completion will also be included in the sign.

– And finely the building type.

Following development permit approval, elevation drawings of the approved structure without mark ups must be submitted to administration in PDF format at a resolution of 300 DPI.  City of Edmonton Development officers will use the approved elevation drawings to create a print-ready PDF for a Development Permit Notification Sign.

Two Size options are available for Development Permit Notification signs to suit the needs of different Projects:

  • Basic- 24” x 18”- Used when only front elevation drawings will be displayed
  • Custom 4’ x 4’- Used when multiple elevation drawings, renderings, or company logo will be displayed, sales information is not permitted.

Sign Print Specification

When sending the print-ready PDF to print, the following information must be communicated to the printer:

  • Final Size: ether 4’ x 4’ or 24’ x 18’
  • Stock: E-panel
  • Color process 4/0
  • Quantity: 1 ( uncles otherwise directed)


For more information, call City of Edmonton at 311 or


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