What is COR (Certificate of Recognition)

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What is COR (Certificate of Recognition)

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What is COR (Certificate of Recognition)

Cor is a certificate of recognition that an employer gets after completing an auditor certification of it business that meets provincial standards. These standards are established by occupational health and safety (OHS).

To get a Cor certificate a business must first have a health and safety management system in place, and then have it successfully audited through a certifying partner.

Certifying Partner

A Certifying Partner is an organization that:

  • Coordinates the audit process
  • Provides health and safety training and services
  • Can help you develop a health and safety system
  • Provides quality assurance

There are different types of COR’s based on the number of employees you have.

Small Employer certificate of Recognition (SECOR)

  • to get a SECOR, you must conduct a self-assessment of your health and safety management systems, then have the assessment reviewed by your certifying partner.
  • if a business has a SECOR and may grow beyond 10 employees, it can follow a transition program to get a standard COR
  • SECOR is for businesses with up to 10 employees

Certificate of Recognition (COR)

  • To get a COR, you must hire an external auditor to audit your health and safety management system, then have the audit reviewed by your Certifying Partner.
  • For business with 10 or more employees

Who can issue a COR

If your business passes the audit, the Certifying partner will jointly issue a COR with the Government of Alberta.



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