What are Architectural Plans?"/>

What are Architectural Plans and who uses them for what?

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What are Architectural Plans and who uses them for what?

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What are Architectural Plans?

Architectural plans also know as Architect’s drawings are technical drawings of building, projects or land that falls within the definition of Architecture.  architectural plans are used by architects, builders, estimators, engineers for purpose such as building construction, estimating for project cost, estimating the kinds of natural and men made disasters a building can with stand.

Architectural plans in the past were designed on a blue light-sensitive sheets.  Introduced in the early 19th century, the process allowed rapid and accurate reproduction of documents used in construction industry.  The process was called blue-print.  Blue-prints were unable to reproduce color or shaded of grey.

Magaziner, Eberhard & Harris, Second Floor Plan, YWCA Building, Sesquicentennial, Philadelphia, 1926. Drawing dated March 10, 1926. Sheet 2. MEH.548.006, Athenaeum of Philadelphia Archives, Philadelphia.

1919-12-03_Our Lady of Lourdes Church_SW corner 32 & Frances.tif

Later blueprints were replaced by wide format paper drawings.  The modern blueprints are printed on 20 lbs bond paper with black ink and also color drawings are starting to get more popular and printed on 24lbs bond paper.

After a building is designed on paper it is sent to the local development office for approval.  The local development officer goes threw the entire set of drawings checking for flows in design or details missed by the Architect or group of Architects.  Once the plans are finalized a development permit is issued and the project is handed over to a building contractor or project management company for the construction of building project.  The Architect or group of Architects work hand in hand with the construction company on the construction of the building until the building is completed and inspected by the local building inspections department.

In some smaller towns a copy of the final set of blueprints is stored in storage for future reference, but since the invent of large format scanners most blueprints are scanned and archived onto hard drives or DVD’s.

Original blueprints are requested from the city or architect that originally constructed a building when renovations are required on a building, or when a fire breaks into a building. Sometimes a building does not serve the purpose over time as some business expanded beyond the walls of the original building and when land is available on which the original building exist an addition is designed and constructed to join the original building.

As long as a building exists sets off blueprints about the building have to exists with Land titles department, Architect(s), owner of the building and people who have interest in the building.

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